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Industrial Maintenance Technician

Industrial Maintenance Technician Advice Book

Industrial Maintenance Technician Advice Book
Industrial Maintenance Technician Advice

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the pocket maintenance advisor

isbn: 0-9750232-1-7

real world industrial maintenance advice on 48 top issues theindustrial maintenance technicianwill face. practical advice forfacility maintenance technicianandpreventive maintenance jobstoo.

this 85 page book used to be in print as a pocket guide maintenance technicians would carry in their back pocket. now it is in electronic pdf format so the maintenance technician can keep it close at hand on their cell phone for reference. (they can also keep a copy on their computer and even print if they want.) this industrial maintenance technician book contains thorough explanations of top maintenance and reliability issues that maintenance and operators must know. every person in the maintenance department and the production department learns dozens of benefits overnight from reading this one reference book.

it brings world class maintenance into perspective for maintenance and operations crews. now in one book all the concepts that are necessary to grasp have been laid out in easy to read format for maintenance and operators alike. with this book you can talk to them about the most important issues to address to achieve major improvements. it's a great resource for people who want their workers to rapidly learn, understand and appreciate the critical maintenance and reliability issues. it contains all the important information a maintenance, repair or operations crew need to have at their finger tips so that they can appreciate the importance and the methods of best practice maintenance. with the 'pocket maintenance advisor' at hand they will know where they are going and why!

pocket maintenance advisor ebook

(pdf format that can be printed)


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Maintenance Technician Advisor Table of Contents

Detailed explanations of the 48 factors that produce the greatest results in the war against maintenance and how to use them properly every time.

1. Engineering Principles for Maintenance and Operators.

1.1. How equipment is designed to work

1.2. Force transmission

1.3. Stress in materials

1.4. Clearance, fits and tolerances

1.5. Bending stress

1.6. Torque stress and combined loads

1.7. Metal fatigue failure

1.8. Lubrication

1.9. Vibration

1.10. Chemical and material compatibility

1.11. Corrosion

1.12. Fluid flow

1.13. Cavitation

1.14. Welding metals

1.15. Welding plastics

1.16. Heat transfer

1.17. Bearing isolation and protection

1.18. Electric motors

1.19. Process control and monitoring

2. Equipment Maintenance Best Practice.

2.1. Creative disassembly

2.2. Bolting and gaskets in flanged connections

2.3. Threaded connections

2.4. Chain and sprocket drives

2.5. Vee-belt and pulley drives

2.6. Mechanical seals

2.7. Soft-foot distortion

2.8. Shaft alignment

2.9. Pneumatic valve actuators

2.10. Process control valves

2.11. Isolation valves

2.12. Roller bearings

2.13. Oil cleanliness

2.14. O-ring seals

2.15. Gear box drives

2.16. Gland packing

2.17. Vibration control

2.18. Nondestructive thickness checking and crack detection

3. Maintenance Philosophies and Methods.

3.1. Equipment Reliability

3.2. RCA (Root Cause Analysis)

3.3. RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance)

3.4. 5 Whys

3.5. 5S

3.6. Watch keeping by operators

4. Maintenance Management and Asset Management.

4.1. Equipment criticality

4.2. Work planning and scheduling

4.3. Preventive maintenance

4.4. Work order instructions and history reporting

4.5. CMMS

5. Mechanical Testing & Troubleshooting Check Lists

5.1 Shafts breaking

5.2 Bearings failing

5.3 Mechanical seals failing

5.4 Flanges leaking

Pocket Maintenance Advisor

(PDF format that can be printed)


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